Urban Outdoor Summit – How Change Happens


Bringing diverse groups together to make a difference.

Each year the Urban Outdoor Summit brings together diverse groups of Americans who are passionate about seeing change happen with regard to the business practices of those who make decisions about our public lands. As I reflect on the old saying, “everything is everything” – this reminds me of why we need to be at the table inserting our ideas and helping navigate the process that ultimately has an affect on all of our lives.

For way too long, “the powers that be” have been in control of what directs our existence at every level. Our minds, bodies, and souls are all connected, and there have been many studies showing how the environments in which we live can affect our individual health. This is why it is becoming increasingly more important for us to take an active role in the planning, management, and monitoring of our natural resources.

We should have the right to be involved in the decision making processes that take place concerning the public lands because, they belong to all of us. It is good to be cognizant of the existence of these “doors,” and know that we can go through them to involve ourselves in the planning. This is a key reason why the Urban Outdoor Summit exists. It acts as an incubator for like-minded individuals to come together under one roof, for a common purpose. While we are together, we work to put into action some of the ideas that we formulate.

At previous summits it was great to see people come together and collaborate, despite not knowing what to expect initially. However, as the day progressed everyone was engaged, conversing, and dialed into the outdoor initiative.

There is nothing like the Urban Outdoor Summit. You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for seeing real change happen.

Be sure to reserve your tickets for this one of a kind event, taking place on July 31 – Aug 1, 2015 in Atlanta, Ga. at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta – Midtown.

The 6th Annual Urban Outdoor Summit is held in conjunction with the 149th National Reunion of the Buffalo Soldier 9th & 10th Calvary hosted by the Greater Atlanta Buffalo Soldiers.

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