S.E. York

S.E. York has 30 years of experience as a civil and criminal trial attorney, and appellate counsel. As the former Director of pretrial services, Mr. York was responsible for drug court and other pretrial programs for Monroe County, FL and the 16th Judicial Circuit. He managed the supervision of individuals court-ordered to custody, and assessed and made recommendations concerning bond, release, electronic monitoring, house arrest and diversion programs. He previously served in several capacities for District of Columbia Department of Corrections, including Interim Director, Deputy Administrator for Secure Programs for Youth Services, and General Counsel. From 1993-1996, Mr. York was the Principal Assistant Attorney General and then the Acting Director of the Bureau of Corrections for the Department of Justice in the U.S. Virgin Islands. After receiving a JD from Texas Southern University, Mr. York served as an Assistant Criminal District Attorney in San Antonio, a Municipal Judge in Houston, an adjunct professor at Texas Southern University Law, and clerked for the U.S. Magistrate for the Southern District of Texas. Since 2012, Mr. York has worked as Wilderness Program Lead for the U.S. Forest Service managing 36 million acres of public lands. He is a graduate of Howard University with a degree in Zoology and Chemistry. Mr. York has been a part of several national award-winning teams that address the needs of underserved youth by fostering civic engagement, research, and wilderness stewardship. He is a staunch advocate for wilderness, education, and environmental conservation.