Dr. Joyce Moore

Dr. Joyce Moore is a Christian physician. She is licensed to practice medicine and surgery. Dr. Moore is a diplomat of the American Board of Radiology. Dr. Moore has practiced medicine for more than forty years. She served as a Diagnostic Radiologist at the Veterans Administration hospital for thirty years where she read thousands of CT scans ruling out stroke. Dr. Joyce Moore wrote numerous articles that were published in medical journals.

In 2008, after retiring from the VA, she went into private practice. She is the Founder and President of Institute of Medical Imaging Procedures (IMIP), LLC. In January 2012, Dr. Joyce Moore presented her business newly created product Stroke 911: Awareness and Prevention on several Health Radio Talk Shows in Kansas City, Missouri. In March 2012, she toured China where she presented Stroke 911: Awareness and Prevention on the China Health Tour Yangtzke River Cruise. In May 2012, Dr. Moore was invited by Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center in Kansas City, Missouri to participate in their living with diabetes and stroke awareness luncheon. In July 2012, Dr. Moore presented the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke at the National Medical Association 2012 Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly. In December 2012, Stroke 911 was approved for Category 1 credit toward American Medical Association (AMA) Physician’s Recognition Award by the American Academy ofFamily Physicians (AAFP).

Dr. Joyce Moore was honored by the Greater Kansas City Medical Society for excellent medical practice. Her biography is listed in such books as Who’s Who Among Black Americans, The World Who’s Who ofWomen, and Community Leaders ofAmerica.

Dr. Joyce Moore is the owner of God’s Distribution Enterprises, LLC dba Goin’ Postal. Goin’ Postal is a franchise that provides packaging and shipping services of domestic and international parcels and goods. Her business, Goin’ Postal was honored with the “2014 Kansas Minority-Owned Business of the Year Service Firm Award” by the Kansas Department of Commerce.

Dr. Joyce Moore has two wonderful sons: Artis and Dr. Aaron. She enjoys reading, traveling, encouraging others, and helping whenever she can assist.

Dr. Joyce Moore gives back to her community by lecturing in schools and colleges. She mentors school-age youth and college students in the community. She provides volunteer diagnostic film-reading services to the Uninsured Coalition of Greater Kansas City. Her businesses provide funding to schools, colleges, and a (HIV/AIDS) orphanage in Africa.